With a degree in Business Management and Technology, as well as an extensive hands-on education in photography, I was asked to be part of a premier photography studio in La Crosse, WI for several years.  During that time, my passion for capturing the beautiful moments of life grew into a career.  I started Kate Wenzel Photography in 2009, shortly after moving back to Minnesota.  My greatest moments of joy are borne from my four sweet children who remind me to soak in life and go on daily adventures.  Over the years, my desire to tell your unique story and capture the heart of those you love in an artistic, meaningful way has only increased.  It is my passion to let you live life and treasure those you love most, while documenting that life and that love fully!



When you're enjoying yourself and having fun, you're at ease, and when you're at ease, you will look and feel beautful and partner with me in creating gorgeous images!  I help guide and direct in a way that is relaxed, joy-filled and real, all while giving you the freedom to be you.  This style and approach yields images that are nothing short of authentic, creative and timeless.  My hope is that each time your eyes land on these pictures in the years and decades to come, you will be brought back to this season of life, and all its one-of-a-kind happiness!



From San Francisco, to NYC, I have had the honor of traveling to photograph my client's stories in places they love.  With a passion for uncharted (to me) territory and eyes for new vista's, I take my photography skills throughout the US to document love anytime, anywhere.  Please inquire if you would like to have me join you in a location outside of Minnesota! 



Gorgeous autumn light peaking through the trees, uncontrollable laughter with a best friend, sweet hugs from my kids, hiking places unknown, the perfect vanilla latte, getting a note in the mail, putting my heart to paper, faith, meeting & connecting with new people, growing & changing for the better, traveling adventures, dance parties, all things vintage, and the perfect image capturing emotions felt. These are a few of my favorite things.


Thank you for reading my story; I can’t wait to tell yours.